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A list of machinery and equipment installed at Osadano Plant (as of October 18, 2016)

Type Name Model Number of Units
Granulator fluidized-bed granulation drying apparatus FD-WSG-120 2(1 unit with explosion proof)
fluidized-bed granulation drying apparatus FD-WSG-200 1
fluidized-bed granulation drying apparatus FLF-120 1
Mixing Granulator (vertical) FM-VG-400 2(1 unit with explosion proof)
Dry Granulator WP160X60 1
Milling Sizing Machine Fiore F-2 7
Comil 194S 1
SK Mill D-200 1
Roll Granulator GRN-2531-120 2
Grinding Machine Pulverizer AP-1SH 1
Pharma Mill FM-1P 1
Eck Sample Mill KⅡWG-1F 1
Sieving Machine Oscillating Sieving Machine 701 1
Oscillating Sieving Machine FS-C702S 1
Oscillating Sieving Machine (Ultrasonic) CB70URZ-1S 1(For raw material Pretreatment)
Oscillating Sieving Machine (Ultrasonic) CB70UR-0S 1(For granules)
Mixing Machine W cone blender W-500 2
Tumbler Mixer TM-2000S 1(explosion proof)
“Mugen”-Mixer MM-1200 1(explosion proof)
Tablet Press Tablet Press (45 stations, single) LIBRA2 1
Tablet Press (67 stations, double) NEWG0867DS1KZ 1
Tablet Press (45 stations, single) AQUARIUS G-J 3(1 unit with external lubricant coating device)
Coating Machine Driacoater DRC-1600DS 2
Powrexcoater PRC-450 2(explosion proof)
Powrexcoater PRC-650 3
Visual Inspection Machine Tablet Visual Inspection Machine TVIS-EX2 1
Tablet Visual Inspection Machine TVIS-AL-M6 1
Tablet Visual Inspection Machine TIE-7000A 2
Tablet Visual Inspection Machine TIE-9500 2
Thickness Checker Automatic Tablet Sorting Machine (Thickness) T-15 1
Tablet Printing Inspection Machine Tablet Printing Inspection Machine PIM-404 1
Inkjet Tablet Printing Inspection Machine DP-i3000 1
Appearance Inspection Apparatus Vibrator-type Inspection Apparatus   1
Belt Conveyor-type Inspection Apparatus TI-200D 3
Packaging Equipment
Name Model Number of Units
Blister Filling Packaging Machine FBP-600E 2
FBP-600E3 3(1 unit for double-sided aluminum)
Counting Filling Machine JZ32-20S-K 1
Small-Scale Production Equipment (about 30 kg scale)
Type Name Model Number of Units
Granulator New Flow Coater NFLO-30EX2 1(explosion proof)
Milling Sizing Machine Comil 197S 1
Mixing Machine Tumbler Mixer TM-150S 1(explosion proof)
Coating machine Aqua Coater AQC-80 1(explosion proof)
Automated Warehouse
Name Storage Capacity Remarks
Automated Warehouse 1 480 pallets 2 stacker cranes, 4 station×3 zones
Automated Warehouse 2 2160 pallets 3 stacker cranes, 6 station×2 zones
Low Humidity Environment (30% RH or lower)

3 Weighing Rooms, 2 Granulation Rooms, 2 Tablet Press Rooms, 2 Appearance Inspection Rooms

Built Environment oriented towards energy saving

Osadano Plant has introduced solar power generation and energy-saving manufacturing facilities and received the evaluation rank of A under CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency, comprehensive built environment assessment system with views on care for the environment and care for internal environment and landscape). We were the first to receive such an evaluation rank among the manufacturing plants in Kyoto Prefecture. 

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