Kyoto Pharmaceutical Industries was founded by Seijiro Kitao, in 1946 following the end of the war with a mission to “contribute to health and welfare of people through creation of excellent drugs.” We celebrated our 70th anniversary in September, 2016, but our history actually dates back to 1901, more than a century ago, when “Kyoto Seiyaku GoShi Kaisha (Limited Partnership Company)” was founded to manufacture industrial chemicals for black dyeing and soap.

Seijiro Kitao was a pharmacist. Throughout his work at Tokyo Institute of Hygienic Sciences (now National Institute of Health Sciences) where he was involved in domestic manufacturing of Western drugs, he maintained his passion to create innovative drugs and “establish a pharmaceutical company which is unique and distinctive though small in scale”, which led him to found a company. His founding spirit has been succeeded for 70 years. We have made incessant efforts for discovery of novel compounds and creation of our original formulations for innovative drugs.

In 1998 we founded Kyoto Yakuhin Healthcare, a marketing company for OTC drugs and have focused on manufacturing and marketing of OTC drugs, too.

Our company’s Mission Statement is “Washin Kyōryoku, Seijitsu Hōon,” which means “Harmony and Cooperation, Sincerity and Gratitude.” “Wa,” meaning “harmony,” refers to “collaboration which makes individuals shine” in which different individuality positively interacts and resonates with each other in a coordinated manner. It implies our wish to protect life and health of people and return our gratitude to the society by discovery of novel compounds, creation of our original formulations for innovative new drugs and delivery of excellent and useful drugs to medical communities.

As a small-scale manufacturer of new drugs and a member of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association we always bear in mind the founder’s management philosophy and are continuing our challenges for research and development to discover novel compounds and create our original formulations for innovative new drugs and OTC drugs which will greatly contribute to the health of people.

Located in Kyoto, the eternal capital, we are determined to stay true to a venture spirit and make concerted efforts so that we can return our gratitude to the society through excellent drugs.

We sincerely solicit your continued guidance and support in the future.


Kazuhiko Kitao, Ph.D. Representative Director, Chairman and CEO/Seishi Kitao Representative Director, President and CEO

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