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Research on discovery of novel compounds

To create original formulations for new global drugs in the eternal capital of Japan

The research and development for new drugs consists of explorative research to discover promising candidate compounds (drug discovery), developmental research and clinical development to bring them to perfection as new drugs.

Kyoto Pharmaceutical Industries focuses on drug discovery for the purpose of efficient and speedy new drug development and strives to create original formulations for the novel candidate compounds (seeds) through collaboration with academia. Then we obtain patents for the candidate compounds of our original formulations, make business arrangements with large pharmaceutical companies (licensing) and have these partner companies undertake developmental research and clinical development. This alliance-based development is our basic strategy.

In the section responsible for discovery of new candidate compounds, researchers in charge of molecular design, synthesis and pharmacology and pharmacokinetics and safety organize project teams, share information in real time to facilitate prompt and efficient research efforts.
We have recruited excellent young researchers specializing in pharmacology, science and technology and agricultural science from all over the country (All of them have post-graduate degrees and 25% of them have Ph.D.).

Ambitious and enthusiastic young researchers are selected and promoted to work as project leaders to lead our internal research and collaborative research with external institutions.

We are also committed to strengthening our researchers’ capabilities and support their efforts to obtain advanced academic degrees. At any point in time several researchers are preparing themselves to obtain Ph.D.


Challenges for the development of original new drugs such as low molecular DDS targeting carcinoma and drugs to treat rare diseases

Our research and development efforts are directed to the challenges in the area of cancer treatment among others. With our unique proprietary low molecular DDS technology, we have strived to improve absorption property, develop new routes of administration for existing drugs which are highly evaluated in the medical community and new drugs under development and targeting.

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